About Victoria Grace

Sustainable Fashion
Our clothes are made with love. We care for both people and planet, for the handwork of the Artisans, for the poor and poorly paid. We care for Style, People and Planet

Living in Africa near landfill, a result of fast fashion and dumping, we have a responsibility to give the clothes we find another life. We are happy to give them back to you remade, restyled, reused and repurposed with Love

How I became a Conscious Producer
Owner of the Victoria Grace label, Jennifer Ronne is a British born Nigerian whose fashion career spans over working with British Vogue, setting up the first merchandise Calvin Klein store and working as an Independent PR consultant in London. She returned to Nigeria where she built up her label after seeing a need for the country to diversify from their over dependence on oil. She later moved to Togo where living near landfill made her an advocate for upcycling which put her on the path of becoming a more conscious producer and consumer 

Victoria Grace founder Jennifer Roenne


My name is Jennifer.  I live in Togo, West Africa with my husband and our 3 boys.  We have 2 dogs, a cat, 2 hens and a rooster.  We are a happy bunch!

I am a British-Nigerian.  I was born in London.  My family lives in London.  I have lived and worked both in London and Lagos, I embrace both cultures fully.  My husband is German, his family lives in Hamburg and its regions.  Yearly, we share our time between Togo, Nigeria, UK and Germany.

I can almost say I have a blend of two continents, Africa and Europe, which is strongly reflected in my designs, but, I still hope to experience other cultures to add to the mix.

When I lived in London, I worked with British Vogue,  I was also a Fashion PR consultant.  I was fond of the London Ladies Social diary, and dressed for the occasion naturally.  I believe I have brought that style and flair into the brand.

However, living in Togo has brought me down to earth, it is where I feel and see the sufferings in our society and the effects of our consumerism first hand; this is where I have been able to go on a fast track into becoming a conscious producer and consumer.  It has metamorphosed my label into more than just clothes but a story of changed lives. A tale of Fashion with Passion and Compassion.

The blend of my cultural background, these societal experiences and my journey of womanhood has been conjured into the brand to create clothes that represent style, sustainability and society all in one.

Each day I take steps towards becoming more socially, ethically and sustainably responsible.  I care about you, the planet and style

I can't wait to get to know you, and also hope to tell you more about myself and my world. 

Nice to meet you!