Our Clothes
They are Wearable, Affordable and Beautiful.  They are Sensible and have a Purpose.  Clothes designed with Passion and Compassion.
Victoria Grace is designed with Ethics & Sustainability in mind; without compromising on style.  
We are not afraid to add colour and patterns to accentuate or hide.  We blend cultures to make simple clothing into an outfit. Our clothes bridge the gap and celebrate diversity.  We are not afraid of making strong or feminine outfits that are always appealing to the eye.  Our clothes boost confidence and wellness.
Dear Friend  
We recognise that Fashion is not going to be the same post COVD'19.  
We have had to live with less, and learn how to be a conscious consumer, and producer.  To be a kinder person to the planet and people. 
Black Lives Matter tells us that we cannot go on as before.
Corona virus was able to, almost, plunge the world into depression.  It attempted to steal our lives, dreams, jobs, businesses, and income.  It devalued our assets.  It even came for our mental wellness.
We believe that Fashion and Style can be used to boost our body and wellness confidence.  It can 'do good'. 
Therefore, we are reconstructing our brand to look at the 'new normal' and would like you to join us on this journey.  We want to put an end to the Fast Fashion that is contributing to the death of the planet and 'Together' learn how to become a more conscious and kinder Consumer and Producer.
Jennifer Ronne
CEO/Founder, Victoria Grace